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221 N. Crowne Dr., Goddard, Ks  67052


5 Large All-Synthetic-Turf Infield and Outfield

  • We boast 5 Full Size All-Turf fields. This means no rain outs, less injuries, and, since we are located in Kansas, the field’s dirt cannot be kicked up by the wind!

All Fields Have Cameras for Recruitment and Memories

  • We are installing video recording systems into our facilities. These special video systems are able to capture every angle of the field. With this said we can produce recruiting videos for scouts, capture the first homerun of an athlete’s life, or the best highlight play of the weekend. This film is available for purchase at the facility!

All Bleachers Have Covered Shade

  • Our amenities will include shade over the bleacher areas for those fans attending the games to protect them from the harsh heat that can occur on summer days!

Temporary Fence For All Age Appropriate Games

  • All fields are equipped to be safely altered for any age range of participants.

Portolite Game Mounds

  • Portolite mounds are the leading provider of mounds for little league games. They are the best quality of portable mounds available in today’s market.

Large Concession with Upper Deck

  • Also known as “the Pentagon”. This massive 5-sided structure is located in the central area of the complex. It will be air conditioned and its upper deck will serve as a great hospitality to collegiate scouts or for youth teams to rent out on hot summer days! Our concessions will have two windows for faster service! Plus,  we serve BEER!!

LED Lighting

  • Top of the line on-field lighting to keep visibility at a maximum when nightfall comes upon us. 

Hotel (Expected Opening in Summer 2021)

  • It will feature a waterpark and other amenities which will be announced soon. This shows this will not just be any complex, but a wonderful venue to enjoy your travel baseball weekend!

High School Showcase Games

  • We will host showcases and scouts all year for the hope of progressing the athletes who participate at our complex to the next level. We will have “the pentagon” for the scouts to reside in and the Real-Play film for recruiting videos to give to the scouts!

World Series 2021

  • We will host the top class of competition throughout the year at Genesis Sports Complex and the peak of that competition will be seen in our World Series Tournaments



We are looking for enthusiastic individuals that are eager to learn the entire in's and out's of running a Baseball sports complex.  We run and operate two complex's here in Wichita, Ks, Genesis Sports Complex and Southwest Boys Club.  

The internship will start January 1, 2021.  The internship includes but not limited to:

Tournament Scheduling, Tournament Management, Tournament Operations,  League Scheduling, League Operations, Concessions Operations, Concession Inventory, Field Maintenance, Ticket Sales, Filming Games, Tournament Sales, League Sales, Retail Sales,  Website Management, Social Media Management, Guest Services, Data Base, RFP Creation and Procurement, Communications, On Site Event Support, Support with Recruitment of Athletes, and more.

This will be a paid position with flexible hours.  We will work around your schedule in most cases.

Please contact Scott Martin - for more information or questions regarding this position.


Genesis Sports Complex



221 N. Crowne Drive, Goddard, KS 67052

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